When our son, Will, our only child, died from a mystery illness in January 2006, I did not want to go on living. But I have found a way forward through writing, joining a national support group and now in turn helping to support other bereaved parents. Life will never be the same again but we can and do survive and sharing our grief with those who truly do understand is a lifeline.

Meeting with other bereaved parents gave both my husband and me hope. We have made some wonderful, lasting friendships with parents in a similar situation.

It is difficult for others to understand the particular pain of losing a beloved child, we are not meant to bury our children, it is the wrong order of things.

I hope on this website you will find some comfort from reading the articles I have written over the years since Will died. I will also be including writing from other bereaved parents – reading their stories, how they have coped with their loss, can help us to know we are not alone. You will also find details of other organisations that may be of help to you.

I also run a private support group on Facebook for parents who have lost their only child or all of their children and have no surviving children. This is an active, compassionate group and very supportive group.    If you, sadly, have reason to join us and would like to be a member of this special group, please message me via this website.

A child who loses both parents is called an orphan, a husband who loses his wife is called a widower, a wife who loses her husband is called a widow.  But for the parent who loses a child, there are no words – that is how awful the loss is.  Anon

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